Sunday, January 3, 2010


Security managers should always lead the company/organization management to manage the probability of occurrence in any kind of potential crisis especially cause by terrorism. Listed below is among top security checklist;

1. Establish your crisis management committee organization chart; incl the present of ERT personal(involving all dept/div);

2. To disseminate information on crisis management to all company associates at your security notice board (procedures/practices);

3. Prepare your crisis management log book and place at prominent location which can be access by your company ERT/OSH/Crisis committee (staff entrance);

4. Plan frequent training on 'evacuation drill', give first awareness to all company staff's and share your knowledge on fire hazards;

5. Identify clearly your 'emergency evacuation assembly area', provide signage's/signboard and make known to all associates;

6. Confirm building perimeter (emergency fire doors) is safe and secure from any kind of blockage and obstruction of merchandise/assets and etc;

7. Update your TOP 5-10 possible crisis occurrence (probability/impact); plan & review your preventive measures and action plan;

8. To mitigate (reduce) your top critical possible crisis occurrence (probability of % & impact) from HIGH to MEDIUM or LOW (security systems);

9. Work closely with your maintenance to conform all building equipment, facility and system is workable & in good condition;

10. Continuously to review all your priority and to plan internal training for your store associate (esp fire evacuation training Top No.1);

Always give full commitment, cooperation and support in managing most possible probability occurrence when handling crisis at your workplace because as we all know crisis come to us in an unexpected situation, surprise and in a sudden,..

Understand the generic procedures & practices and make yourself and store committee skillful and please don't forget to download your knowledge to all your associates.

Make sure your company security team is well trained, competent, capable and able to perform their actual roles & responsibilities as in your company procedures and practices,.

Availability of CCTV room and must be always attended by your security personal and is continuously conducting perimeter patrolling (use all security checking list in your company as your daily checking practice).

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